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  1. Acer X118H DLP 3600 Lumens

    PKR 44,000.00

    Acer X118H DLP 3600 Lumens (HDMI)

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  2. Viper vBright B10

    PKR 45,000.00

    Viper vBright B10 3800 Lumens XGA

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  3. Viper vBright A20

    PKR 53,000.00

    Viper vBright A20 3800 Lumens XGA 1GB Ram 8GB Storage Android

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  4. Viewsonic PA-503S

    PKR 53,500.00

    Viewsonic PA-503S 3600 Lumens SVGA

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  5. Viewsonic M1 Portable Projector

    PKR 61,000.00

    Viewsonic M1 Portable Projector 250 Lumens

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  6. Viewsonic M1+ Wireless Portable Projector

    PKR 68,000.00

    Viewsonic M1+ Wireless Portable Projector 300 Lumens

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  7. Sony VPL-DX221 2800 Lumens

    PKR 74,000.00

    Sony VPL-DX221 2800 lumens XGA desktop projector

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  8. Viewsonic PA-503X

    PKR 79,000.00

    Viewsonic PA-503X 3600 Lumens XGA

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  9. Panasonic PT-LB305

    PKR 83,000.00

    Panasonic PT-LB305 3100 Lumens XGA HDMI USB

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  10. ViewSonic PA-503W

    PKR 88,000.00

    viewsonic-pa-503w 3600 Lumens SVGA

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  11. Panasonic PT-LB355

    PKR 93,000.00

    Panasonic PT-LB355 3300 Lumens XGA HDMI USB LAN

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  12. Viewsonic PG-703X

    PKR 108,000.00

    Viewsonic PG-703X 4000 Lumens XGA

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  13. Viewsonic PX700 HD

    PKR 112,000.00

    Viewsonic PX700-HD 3500 Lumens XGA

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  14. Viewsonic PG703W

    PKR 116,000.00

    Viewsonic PG703W 4000 Lumens ANSI

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  15. Panasonic PT-LB423

    PKR 132,000.00

    Panasonic PT-LB423 4100 Lumens XGA HDMIx2 USB LAN

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  16. Panasonic PT-VW360

    PKR 145,000.00

    Panasonic PT-VW360 HDTV LCD Projector

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  17. Panasonic PT-VW530A

    PKR 215,000.00

    Panasonic PT-VW530A 5000 Lumens WXGA HDMI

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  18. Panasonic PT-VW540

    PKR 245,000.00

    Panasonic PT-VW540 5300 Lumens - LCD - WXGA

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  19. Viewsonic PG800 HD

    PKR 255,000.00

    Viewsonic PG800-HD 5000 Lumens XGA

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  20. Viewsonic LS700 HD

    PKR 270,000.00

    Viewsonic LS700-HD 3300 Lumens XGA

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