HP Omen 16 WD0063DX Core i7 13th Gen 16GB 1TB SSD
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HP Omen 16 WD0063DX Core i7 13th Gen 16GB 1TB SSD 16.1 FHD IPS 144Hz Win11 6GB RTX 4050 GPU Black (International Warranty)


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    • Intel Core i7-13620H 13th Generation
    • 1TB SSD | 16.1″ FHD IPS 144Hz
    • 6GB Nvidia RTX 4050 Graphics
    • Windows 11 | Black | International Warranty.


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HP Gaming Laptop for Sale | Price of HP Omen Laptops in Pakistan

HP has always produced high-value laptops which can cater to users with diverse requirements. From content creators to graphic designers to gamers, individuals from different walks of life can make the most out of their wide range of products. The HP Omen is a dedicated series for gamers who want exceptional devices to improve their performance in the competitive gaming world. Some of the other series of HP include PavilionEnvySpectre, Elitebook, Victus, and many more.

From high-quality GPUs to CPUs, stunning design, and blazing-fast SSDs, there are plenty of reasons to invest in this series. Outstanding displays also provide you with an immersive experience that helps you stay focused on your activities. Durable build quality, good storage options, and a decent number of ports for connectivity are also some of its prominent aspects.

When it comes to design and dimensions, this series has full marks for it. The aluminum and chassis material is used in the models, which ensures durability. The metal-like appearance will confuse you whether it is a plastic chassis or not. There is also a good variety of various devices from different weight classes, which you can choose according to your daily routine.

Most of the users have concerns about whether Omen Series is worth the investment or not or whether this series is good enough to achieve their desired results. Remember that every model of this series has different specifications, which means it can fit the needs of different users. Some users require machines just for casual use, while some of them have heavy-duty requirements, so they need high-end laptops. When it comes to cost, it also varies according to the components which are installed in the machines.

Gamers also have concerns about whether they can run modern games in this series or not, such as GTA 5. Again, it depends on the hardware configurations of the model, so you need to be mindful while choosing your desired machine. Many users also compare Omen with the Victus series, as both of them contain gaming-centric machines. Experts give a slight edge to the Omen due to its better GPU and display capabilities which can hugely impact the user experience of gamers. It also has better audio quality and a responsive touchpad than Victus, so you can make the right choice accordingly.

3 Best HP Omen Gaming Laptop Models in Pakistan

Let’s find out now about the top models in this series.

HP Omen 15 in Pakistan

If you are willing to invest in a mid-range laptop at a reasonable price, then this model will be the right choice for you. It can be a suitable choice for beginners who have just started their journey as a gamer. It has AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU, which are the most valuable specifications. The 16 GB RAM also makes a valuable addition and positively impacts the speed and performance.

The 512 GB storage capacity enables you to keep track of your data easily. It has a weight of 2.16 kg, which could be a little heavy than conventional machines. But if you want to put it on your workstation and do not move with it frequently, then you do not have to worry. The HP Omen 15 price in Pakistan does not remain constant. It can vary according to different factors, such as local market trends and the economic conditions of the country.

HP Omen 16 in Pakistan

If you are willing to take things one step further, then you must opt for this model. It has an AMD Ryzen 7 6800H processor, which contains a better number of cores and threads and a high-quality architecture that can deliver multithreading performance. The GPU quality of AMD Radeon RX 6600M is also on the plus side, which can deliver realistic graphical results and can add real value to your gaming journey. The 16 GB RAM also enables you to work on different applications with ease without any lag.

To get the best HP Omen 16 price in Pakistan, you need to look for reliable stores which can offer reasonable prices with uncompromised quality.

HP Omen 17 in Pakistan

Here is another value-driven and top-notch model which can hugely impact the lives of gamers. It is equipped with an Intel core i7-12700H processor, which is one of the finest gaming CPUs with exceptional clock rate and high-end features. The GPU of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 also delivers outstanding graphical results and supports modern games. The 17 inches display also ensures an immersive experience and helps you focus more closely on your activities. Other specifications include 16 GB RAM and 1 TB storage capacity. To know Omen 17 price in Pakistan, do local market research that will help you to create your budget accordingly.

5 Top HP Omen Laptop Processors in Pakistan

The models of this series are available in different processors. They have different use cases and prices, so as a user, you must know about their features and how they function to make the right buying decision. Let’s find out about them.

HP Omen Core i5

The core i5 is one of the most powerful and highly-performing processors of the core “i” series. According to tech experts, its performance is closer to the core i7, which not only allows you to keep your gaming activities on track but can also be helpful for video editing, programming, and other tasks. The HP Core i5 gaming laptop price is also reasonable, which can impact the total cost of the laptop that you choose. Its clock speed is around 1.2 to 3.6 GHz, and it also has good power consumption capabilities, which helps to improve the overall performance of the device.

HP Omen Core i7

The Core i7 has a better processing speed and processing capabilities than its predecessor. Apart from high-end gaming, it can be the right fit for more demanding tasks due to its multitasking capabilities. Furthermore, its cooling system is also more reliable, which can be really useful for extended gaming sessions. They also have faster clock speeds and more cores which can add more value to your performance. The base speed of these CPUs can range from 3 to 3.6 GHz, while turbo boost can go up to 4.7 to 4.9 GHz.

HP Omen Core i9

The core i9 is the most advanced and premium processor of the Intel core “i” series which produces better results than the core i7. In terms of processing speed and power efficiency, it has the performance edge as it can operate at a higher clock speed. It means that the core i9 processor can process data at a better pace, so it would be right to say that if you require something to tackle modern gaming, then this CPU would be the right choice for you. The clock speed of core i9 can reach around 5.8 GHz. Its performance-based hybrid architecture ensures smooth and optimized performance for gamers.

HP Omen AMD Ryzen 7

When it comes to AMD Ryzen 7 processor, it can be a better choice in terms of affordability if you are tight on your budget. It can offer you a reasonable price than the core i7, so you need to make the right decision according to your budget. It comes in different variants, so the processing speed and other features can vary. It has a maximum boost clock of around 4.6 GHz, which can positively contribute to your gaming and elevate the overall performance.

HP Omen AMD Ryzen 9

The Ryzen 9 is one of the most powerful CPUs that you will ever come across. It delivers stunning multi-core performance, which is not only suitable for gaming but can help you handle various types of power-heavy tasks simultaneously. It contains around 16 cores and has a base clock speed of 4.5 GHz with a turbo boost of 5.7 GHz. However, many tests have proved that Intel can be a better option than Ryzen processing units. But it does not mean that Ryzen cannot deliver good performance for gamers. The only thing you need to consider is your budget limitation and requirements.

HP Omen Latest Generation Laptops

The 12th generation Intel core processor can deliver leading-edge performance as it has a hybrid architecture and can support PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 as well. Different variants of 12th-generation processors are available, so the speed can vary accordingly.

On the other hand, 13th-generation processors can provide you with advanced performance as it has more cores and better processing capabilities. It contains 8 performance cores and 16 efficient cores, which can help you tackle heavy workloads easily and ensures lag-free performance.

HP Omen with Top Nvidia RTX GPUs

GPU is one of the most critical components which can make or break your gaming performance, as graphical quality entirely depends on it. Different models of top HP Gaming Laptops in Pakistan have various types of GPUs, so the price and performance can also vary accordingly.

This series mostly have NVIDIA GPUs that offer groundbreaking features and outstanding performance. Let’s find out more about these GPUs.

HP Omen RTX 3050 Laptop

The RTX 3050 is a high-quality GPU that can provide you with exceptional gaming performance. It can be a great fit, especially for entry-level gamers who have to deal with light games. It contains 16 raytracing cores and 64 tensor cores, which makes a valuable addition to the features. It has 4 GB memory, and the memory type is GDDR6.

HP Omen RTX 3060 Laptop

The RTX 3060 GPU is based on the Ampere architecture, and it is one step ahead of its predecessor. It has 6 GB memory which is of the GDDR6 type. The higher memory leads to better graphical performance, and more raytracing and tensor cores also make a useful addition. When it comes to Omen RTX 3060 laptop, 16-N0023DX is one of the prominent models in this regard.

HP Omen RTX 3070 Laptop

If you want to invest in a high-end and premium GPU, then you must opt for the RTX 3070. It is specifically designed for high-level and 4k gaming, which can handle 4k resolution games as well. However, you need to have a sufficient budget if you want to invest in the Omen RTX 3070 laptops. 15 EK1013dx is the relevant model which you can consider in this regard.

HP Omen RTX 3080 Laptop

Here is a flagship GPU which is packed with highly-usable features and can deliver unmatched performance for professional gamers. With ray tracing enabled and 16 GB memory, it gives a realistic touch to the graphics, which helps you to handle any type of game with ease. It is based on the Ampere architecture.

HP Omen RTX 4050 Laptop

There are around 80 tensor cores embedded in this powerful GPU of RTX 4050. It is one of the most high-end GPUs, which can support most of the latest games. With quality specifications, it may sound costly to you, so you need to have sufficient expenses to buy Omen RTX 4050 laptop. 16-WD0063DX is a relevant model which you need to consider.

HP Omen RTX 4060 Laptop

Gamers who require GPU for demanding games at 1080p quality should opt for the NVIDIA RTX 4060. It has Ada Lovelace architecture and 8 GB memory of the GDDR6 type, which can provide you with great results. 16-wd0010ca is the HP OMEN RTX 4060 model, which you can consider in this regard.

HP Omen RTX 4070 Laptop

The RTX 4070 has a lot of similarities with the RTX 3080 in terms of performance. However, it can offer smoother performance at 4K resolution and produce better results with ray tracing. Also, it possesses greater power capabilities. 17-CM2000NA is the relevant model which you can consider in this regard.

HP Omen RTX 4080 Laptop

If you are willing to push your boundaries and want to attain the graphical results in the highest frame rates with maximum ray-tracing enabled, then choose RTX 4080. It is one of the most expensive GPUs, so it means you need to have enough finances to afford it. But one thing is for sure this graphic card will provide you with the true meaning of immersion and realism.

HP Omen RTX 4090 Laptop

At last, RTX 4090 can be the real game changer for GPUs for high-level gaming. With cutting-edge features and unprecedented power, it not only provides an amazing gaming experience but also allows you to handle GPU-intensive applications. It contains 304 tensor cores and 76 raytracing cores, which elevates the graphical quality big time.

Buy HP Omen Gaming Laptops in Pakistan

If you are looking for the latest HP Omen gaming laptops 2024, then you must reach out to Galaxy.pk, which is one of the leading online stores of laptops, gadgets, and other devices in Pakistan.

Brand New HP Omen Laptop Price in Pakistan is starting from Rs. 357,000.

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Omen 16 WD0063DX


Processor Type

Intel® Core™ i7-13620H (up to 4.9 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, 24 MB L3 cache, 10 cores, 16 threads) 1 2


Hard Drive


Graphic Card

Screen Size


16.1" diagonal, FHD (1920 x 1080), 144 Hz, IPS, micro-edge, anti-glare, 250 nits, 45% NTSC 3

Finger Print


Backlit Keyboard




Audio Port (Out)






Operating System

Windows 11




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