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Viper EyeRis V-Touch Interactive Device For Whiteboard


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  • Interactive Area 90” @ 50 cm
  • Image Processing Speed 165 Mn dots/sec
  • Full support for Ms. Office
  • Supports 255 touches simultaneously
  • Supports Gesture Recognition


In stock

Viper EyeRis V-Touch Interactive Device For Whiteboard

Viper Technology provides education technology solutions with cutting-edge products to expand the boundaries and raise the standards of education curriculum. Through its products, it has introduced teachers and students to facilitate the integration of these products into the school’s curricula in the most efficient and productive manner possible. Viper’s EyeRis Interactive projector helps to create an engaging and interactive environment for the students as well as the teachers to help them study effectively and grasp difficult concepts. Viper Technology’s Class on Wheels helps the students to access the digital world anywhere and this saves the schools from the hassle of setting up computer lab infrastructure.

Throw Ratio of the Camera Unit:  Approx. T/R 0.3
Interactive Area:  90” @ 50 cm
Auto Calibration:  Yes
Image Processing Speed: ~165 Mn dots / sec
Writing Speed: Faster than others
Edge Blending Support: Yes
Finger Touch Compatibility: Yes
Dual Band Pass filter optics: Yes

  • World’s first Interactive Solution that supports 255 touch simultaneously .
  • Feather-smooth writing experience, with real-time response.
  • Surface independent &robust installation. Low support and maintenance costs.
  • Supports Gesture Recognition, like zoom, pan, tilt, flick sand soon.
  • Super-capacitive stylus with no consumables like battery .
  • Native handwriting recognition.
  • Shape-recognition up to six-sided figures.
  • World first Interactive whiteboard solutions with “Cloud Access” in IWB Application, content can be accessed for free on any topic in the world.
  • Super Compressed recording (1 hour class room lecture Recording with approx. 80 MB file size only).
  • Full support for Ms Office files like handwriting recognition in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Extensive Resource Library with relevant content.
  • Geometric Toolslike protractor , compass, ruler etc. &Integration with MS Office.
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